Why KeepMyContact?

Do any of these scenarios sound familiar?

You upgraded your phone to make your life easier, but now your contacts have vanished. You can’t get in touch with someone important because his or her contact info is out of date. Your contacts are spread out over your phone and computer. Or worse, you have multiple mobile devices or email accounts linked to your phone(s) – which come with quadruple contact entries. Stop wasting time deleting duplicate entries or organizing your contacts across your devices.

We have the solution.

KeepMyContact is a mobile app as well as a web-based application to organize your contacts once and for all. Don’t find out that your friend, co-worker or associate’s information is out-of-date when you need it the most. Keep your contacts current – efficiently and effortlessly. KeepMyContact is a dynamic contact management system where you have full control over your own contact information in one place. Our creative and innovative team has spent many months planning, developing and testing the software and applications so that we could bring you a robust set of tools. And rest assured that KeepMyContact is safe, secure and your privacy is protected.

Just download the free KeepMyContact app, sign up, set up your personal profile, and all your contacts magically appear. Any changes you make automatically sync with your mobile device and web account. If you invite friends and associates to sign up too, your contact entry will always be up-to-date on their devices, and you will see who has your information in their address book. KeepMyContact saves time and assures that your contacts are always in reach.