Q: What is KeepMyContact?

A: KeepMyContact is a cloud-based dynamic contact management application that gives you full control of your contact information. With very little effort KeepMyContact allows you to organize your contacts once and it syncs information in the background to keep you always up to date – any and all of your mobile devices will have the same contacts updated in real time. You also will be able to see your contact activities (things that changed) and see who has your contact entry in their “address book”. To do so, your contacts need to be also signed up on the KeepMyContact so spread the good word.

Q: How much does KeepMyContact cost?

A: It’s free to download, organize and sync anytime. The only time we want you to spend anything is when you update your own contact information and you send the seamless update to all other KeepMyContacts in your address book. The charge is minimal, simply to cover our KeepMyContact servers’ operational costs and you will be charged $0.99 (almost a buck) every time you push out an update.

Q: Who is behind KeepMyContact?

A: A bunch of good friends that got tired of constantly updating their contact information and decided to do something to make their lives easier and then decided help many more do the same. Our team has experience in marketing, sales, entertainment, technology, website development, even in the plumbing industry… as well as changing diapers.

Q: What should I do after I import all my contacts?

A: This is similar to when you move to a new home or office. Now that you got your ultimate place you need to get your “house” in order and settle in. The great thing about KeepMyContact, is that once you import your contacts we’ll keep you organized.

Login to your account, and click on All Contacts.

Remove or merge any duplicate contact entries, create Groups and assign your contacts to them.

Decide what information you want to share (it may be good idea if you don’t share your YouTube channel with your boss).

Order a pizza and relax.

Q: Will KeepMyContact work outside the U.S.?

A: Of course! KeepMyContact works anywhere there is Internet access to your web account. Ultimately we are trying to connect the world one contact at the time. Although we designed the initial KeepMyContact interface for North America we will be eventually releasing custom versions based on the requirements of individual countries. Do you have suggestions? Let us know.

Q: How secure is KeepMyContact?

A: We have taken security very seriously and we are using the most secure servers. All supplied sensitive/credit information is transmitted via Secure Socket Layer (SSL) technology and then encrypted into our database only to be accessible by those authorized with special access rights to such systems, and are required to keep the information confidential.

Q: What about privacy?

A: Our business model and promise is that we will NOT have ads on the site or sell your information to anyone! This is one of the reasons that we came up with the KeepMyContact idea – to keep all of our contacts and our users contacts secure and private. KeepMyContact gives you back the ownership power of your contact information for your benefit.

Q: How can I be notified about new features?

A: Please follow KeepMyContact on Facebook, Twitter or our Blog


Q: How do I get my contacts onto KeepMyContact?

A: Easy, since you probably have contacts all over the place you can download KeepMyContact app from iTunes or Google Play onto your mobile device that will allow you to sync your contacts from your address book.

Q: Can I use KeepMyContact on multiple devices?

A: Sure, as long as the devices are iOS or Android based. Just download the app and login to your account.

Q: What if I lose my phone or upgrade to a new phone?

A: Well, that would be a bad day if you lost or broke it beyond repair. The good news is that you won’t have to make this embarrassing post on social networks: “Hey guys, lost my phone last night and I need your number again”. Once you get your new device, just download the KeepMyContact app, login, and voila! All your contacts are back.

Q: Doesn’t Google, Apple or Outlook backup contacts for me already?

A: Yes they do, but here are examples of the KeepMyContact differences: Let’s say you are using your personal phone or received a work phone and your contacts are managed on the company MS Exchange server. All of your contacts are being pushed there. If you lose your job – or even worse get fired – and they take away your MS Exchange access, guess what? All of your contacts that were in Outlook magically disappear. If you have Google, especially multiple accounts (i.e. personal and business), things get messy. You get duplicate records and each time you add a new contact you have to remember what account you want to save it to. Apple on the other hand wants your contacts in iCloud. As of 2014 you couldn’t even upload your CSV file without jumping over hoops and of course, you have to be on a Mac. We hope these examples illustrate how you have no control over your contact info and how redundant it is having to make sure you save and update your contact info in multiple places? At KeepMyContact we say, it’s time to take control over your own information and have it in ONE place that you access it from multiple platforms.

Q: Can I invite friends and colleagues?

A: Of course, our success depends fully on user connectivity. The best way to invite friends and colleagues is when you install the app and sync your address book. Make sure you select whom you want to invite during one of the steps when syncing your contacts. There is also our KeepMyContact “Invite” button on web and mobile apps where you can enter someone’s email address and we’ll send them an invitation to join and connect with you. Spread the love about KeepMyContact, we don’t spam your contacts.

Q: Is there a package available for businesses or large sales networks?

A: Coming soon! We are working on the KeepMyContact Enterprise Edition as we speak. Our KeepMyContact team just wants to make sure that it works perfectly before we launch it. In the mean time you can create your own Groups and organize your business contacts with our current release